Accelerate Australia is an educational organisation that is dedicated to educating Australian society on crucial key issues such as social cohesion, multiculturalism, gender inequality, health literacy, academic literacy and supporting Indigenous Australians. Through assessing how the Australian education system can further improve in these areas, it aims to both supplement and complement the Australian curriculum while providing an invaluable- predominantly free educational resource for Australian educators and society. Independently funded by experienced and highly skilled teachers who are passionate about making a positive difference and contribution to Australian education, Accelerate Australia aims to cover keys gaps in the Australian Curriculum to ensure that today's youth are educated comprehensively so that they become informed, healthy, literate citizens tomorrow while being confident and capable of tackling the unique challenges that Australian society immediately faces. This means also considering not just how inequality and injustice can be propagated through our education system, but how a real application of the Australian value of a 'fair go' can offer significant benefits not just on an individual level but on a national level as well.